I was born and grew up in Hong Kong, I started to paint since very young, I had always wished to study art in University but unfortunately it never happen.

Although I was passionate about art in my youth, I had to choose my career in real estate management. I worked for an art company as a part time artist for many years, mostly for commission paintings, except figurative I had painted almost every subjects: landscape, cityscape, seascape and flower still life…


Few years ago I found love in Italy, I quit my job and moved to live there. I was very happy to start my new life and I found new inspiration for painting what I really like to paint.

I always have been passionate about abstract painting because the allow me to be free to create whatever I can imagine, I balances my paintings with the mix of compositions that I have in my mind using vigorous application of paint on to the canvas creating my unique abstract expression.

I am now living and working in Milan Italy with my husband.


I’m inspired by colors and how they interact and react with each other, it is my inspiration to put them to the canvas and bring a painting to life.

I paint black and white, it’s simple and fashion.

I paint strong colors, it’s happiness and passion.

I paint cool colors, it’s beautiful just to be clam and relax.

In fact I like to use all kind of colors to make happy paintings, I don’t paint sad paintings, because negative feeling or things don’t deserve to stay.